TPS Transmission Protection System

Our double disc fertilizer spreaders are provided with an innovative oscillating unit of transmission, mounted on flexible rubber mountings. Thanks to this revolutionary system, now the operator can easily check the correct length of the PTO shaft before the ignition of the machine thus avoiding any damage to the transmission shafts or, in some cases, to the lower part of the frame. In case the PTO shaft does not have the correct length, the anomalous bending usually borne by the input shaft is absorbed exclusively to the rubber mountings that under this strain deform up to the point they may brake in case of very high stress, but at the same time preserving the integrity of the transmission unit.
The right length of the PTO shaft and so the exact work angle of the driving gearbox is easily given by the alignment of two reference pointers located on the frame and on the transmission unit.
Therefore the TPS allows safe work in every working condition.